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Barcelona reaffirms commitment to strengthening its position as an international leader in fashion

14 July, 2011

Agustí Cordon, the director general of Fira Barcelona; Sonia Recasens, the Second Deputy Mayor of Barcelona; F. Xavier Mena, Minister of Enterprise and Labour; and Miquel Valls, President of the Chamber of Commerce. / DEMO

The Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona International Fair and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce have reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening Barcelona’s position as an international leader in fashion and design.

The four institutions and the private sector will combine their resources and work together to promote design, manufacturing, production, employment and internationalization in the fashion industry.

The Government of Catalonia, working through the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour and the Catalan Consortium for Trade, Crafts and Fashion (CCAM) will promote the new 5-year (2011-2015) Catalan Fashion Plan. The prime objective of the plan is to give businesses in the sector maximum marketing power and to provide the sector with any assistance and support it may need. The four key strategies of the 2011-2015 fashion plan are training, supporting funding, increasing entrepreneurship capacity and promoting internationalization.

The Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia, and all the private enterprises working in this sector will face this new era together with open and constructive dialogue to promote the leading position of Barcelona and Catalonia in the fashion sector, and in creativity and trends. The goal is to join forces to optimize resources and establish strategies for public-private collaboration.

The Barcelona International Fair, meanwhile, will help to energise Barcelona’s Fashion Week with the show The Brandery, which aims to help the sector to grow and expand internationally, and to promote contact between brands and international buyers.

Finally, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to support the fashion industry through the Barcelona és moda project (, the Barcelona és moda award, and public-private initiatives which help strengthen and project fashion and the City of Barcelona through clear business leadership and the management of public resources from a business perspective.

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