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Continued growth for Catalan bridal wear in foreign markets

5 June, 2012

According to the Catalan Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, Catalan exports of bridal wear grew 7.2% in 2011, representing a total of 148.2 million euros.

According to the Catalan Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, Catalan exports of bridal wear grew 7.2% in 2011, representing a total of 148.2 million euros. These data demonstrate the strength of the Catalan bridal wear industry, which continues to be a driving factor for Spain as a whole. In fact, Catalan businesses made up 43% of total Spanish exports in the bridal wear sector in 2011.

The primary market for Catalan bridal wear products continues to be Europe and in particular Italy. Indeed, the country accounted for 16.5% of exports, followed by Germany at 11.2% and the United Kingdom at 9.8%.

Given these figures, it is no surprise that international visitors at May’s NoviaEspaña trade show came predominantly from these countries.

According to the trade show’s organizers, almost “63% of visitors were foreign.” The majority of these were from Italy, “a country which again placed first for foreign visitors at the event, followed by Germany and France.” In addition to coming from the closest foreign market, Europe, some visitors were from as far away as the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, the main attraction for foreign purchasers is synthetic, non-knit dresses, which represent the majority of Catalan bridal wear sales to foreign customers. These sales increased 20% in 2011. Although 64.8 million euros of non-knit synthetic dresses were sold in 2010, this value increased to 78 million euros last year.

The bridal capital

Thanks to the NoviaEspaña trade show and the Pasarela Gaudí, Barcelona was the indisputable nexus of the international bridal wear industry this May.

This was the 22nd edition of the two events that together constitute the Barcelona Bridal Week, thus confirming their strength as a worldwide leader in the bridal wear industry.

Some 230 Spanish and foreign brands filled the thirty thousand square meters in Pavillion 8 at Fira Barcelona’s Gran Via venue, which hosted the NoviaEspaña Professional Trade Fair from May 11th to 13th. International companies comprised 50% of exhibitors. These included new companies like Carlo Pignatelli, Zuhair Murad, ZM Woman, and Hannibal Laguna, whose designs were featured in the fashion show for the first time.

Furthermore, new companies at the trade show strengthened its inclusion of the communion industry. As a whole, the event showcased garments from bridal wear to party dresses, ceremony dresses to accessories, and even communion dresses for younger patrons.

Given the current economic situation, organizers described the reaction to the fair as “very good.” More than 15,300 visitors, a 2% increase from the previous edition of the fair, visited the NoviaEspaña Trade Show in search of the latest trends for the upcoming season.

Not only white on the runway

The Pasarela Gaudí Novias welcomed international guests including more than 500 accredited journalists from 20 different countries.

On the runway, classic whites gave way to other colors in much of the bridal wear proposed by participating designers.

For example, Rosa Clará featured pastel colors in some of her designs for the upcoming season. The company topped the list of fashion shows, participating in 18 different shows between May 8th and 11th.

In a move that has become a tradition, Rosa Clará’s opening fashion show did more than simply display bridal dresses. The designer brought in guests including politicians, well-known performers and TV figures, and internationally renowned models like Bosnian Andrej Pejic.

In addition to Clará, Gaudí Novias 2012 also showcased the work of Jesús Peiró, Victorio & Lucchino, Yolan Cris, Immaculada García, Raimon Bundó, Franc Sarabia, Jordi Dalmau and many other designers.

As is its tradition, the multinational bridal wear company Pronovias capped off the week of brides that was held this May in Barcelona with an event that brought together more than 1800 guests from 80 countries. Many of these individuals are clients of Pronovias or worldwide representatives of the firm. The collection, including pieces by star designer Manuel Mota and other exclusive items created by designer Elie Saab, was displayed at the MNAC.

Cover picture: Jesus Peiro / BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK – Ugo Camera

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