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JOYA showcases highly innovative jewelry in Barcelona

5 October, 2011


Between September 15th and 17th, Barcelona hosted the third edition of JOYA – Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Week, bringing together artists, jewelry professionals and other individuals at a three-day event which featured a showroom for professional buyers and boutiques open to the general public. Held at the headquarters of FAD (Foment de les Arts Corporatives ), the fair showcased works by over 100 world-famous jewelry artists. Twenty-seven designers exhibited their pieces in individual collections, while the work of the remaining designers was put on display by four galleries – Klimt 02, La Basílica, 1×1 Collective and Alchimia – and the three jewelry schools participating at the fair – Tarragona’s Escola d’Art i Disseny, the Escola d’Art del Treball and Pforzheim University’s SOdA.

This year, JOYA featured more international artists than it has in the past. While the first edition of the fair showcased only 28 international guests, this year’s fair featured the work of 88 international designers. (The number of international artists also rose notably – from 28 to 59 – from the first edition of the fair to its second incarnation.) This year’s increase can be partially explained in light of how well the official presentation of the third edition of JOYA was received at the Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich last February, where the call for participants generated significant buzz among artists present.

The fair’s third edition was visited by 1,500 individuals, with slight variations from previous attendance figures. This year, the number of purchasers increased to 130 while the number of general visitors decreased to 970. The number of jewelry professionals remained basically unchanged at 250 participants.

The 27 artists showcased individually included featured guest Michael Berger, who is known for his kinetic jewelry (pieces which enhance their design through movement), as well as Liana Pattihis, who has been experimenting with fusing powder enamel on copper mesh by means of a unique enamel melting technique she developed. Spanish artists displaying their works at the fair included Andrea Coderch, Anna Puig, Iñaki Salom and Paco Rivas.

JOYA is distinctive primarily for two reasons. First, the pieces which are showcased here feature incredible creativity and innovation. Second, the fair is considered the most avant-garde international event in contemporary jewelry held in Spain. Gradually, the fair is also gaining popularity across Europe, offering fair attendees the opportunity to see the newest trends in signature jewelry.

The ENJOIA’T and Alchimia Prizes

JOYA also hosted the awards ceremonies for two jewelry prizes, the ENJOIA’T 2011 Contemporary Jewelry Awards, organized by FAD, and the Alchimia Awards, presented by Florence’s Alchimia gallery and contemporary jewelry school.

This year, the winner in the professional category was Iris Weyer with “Rio-Generative Jewellery,” while Adriana Wallis took home the award for students with “À ma mère, à ma fille.” The prizes were awarded by a jury including jeweler Miriam Alzina; Cristina Julià, the Creative Director of Joid’art; contemporary jeweler Pilar Cotter; Magda Polo, who holds a doctorate in art philosophy and serves as the president of A-FAD; and Anna Figuera and Macarena Ramos, who created the Delgado Buil clothing line.

The Alchimia Award is presented to the top student among the schools participating at JOYA. The winner, Anna Salas from the Escola d’Art del Treball, will receive a two week intensive course at Alchimia.

Cover picture: Iñaki Salom

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