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Majoral: working to consolidate its position in the US

26 April, 2013


Jewellery firm Majoral’s most important project is to consolidate its position on the international market, specifically in the United States and Mexico. That’s why it is shoring up its presence in the two countries’ luxury department stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Berger, respectively.

At the moment, Majoral’s presence is strongest in Germany, Italy, Mexico and the US and one of the contemporary jewellery firm’s business-strategy priorities is to go international. The domestic market situation, with the fall in demand, has spurred the firm on to seek new markets and strengthen its presence on existing ones. “Our objective is the global marketplace,” say the Majoral spokespeople that Barcelona és Moda has talked to about the company’s future plans.

With six collections per year presented in two seasons, as well as a selection of singular pieces, Majoral is one of the great contemporary jewellery firms in this country. It is a company which cannot be understood without Formentera, the island where founder Enric Majoral settled in 1974. There he found the inspiration which has allowed him to work for over three decades on his great passion: transforming high-quality materials into Mediterranean-inspired craft jewellery. All of the pieces are born from a dialogue between their creator and nature and life on Formentera.

Jewellery with no limits

Wood, wool, plastic, paint and sand, as well as classic metals such as silver and gold, of course, are some of the ingredients which Majoral transforms into unique pieces for both the general public and a more exclusive clientele. “In contemporary jewellery, there are no limits to experimentation and innovation as regards an objet d’art or piece of jewellery,” says Mònica Sans of Majoral’s Department of Marketing and Communication.

At the present time, the company has five shops of its own – two on Formentera, two in Barcelona and one in Girona – as well as thirty-two other sales outlets. “For Majoral to be present in a multi-brand store, the store has to see itself as participating in the process of selling our jewellery to the end customer. It has to know about and be interested in contemporary jewellery and design. What’s more, it has to have a proven track record of prestige and recognition within the sector,” says Sans.

Hands that create

Enric and Roc Majoral, along with Abril Ribera, are the members of the company’s team of designers. The first two are father and son and they share with Ribera a passion for craftsmanship and manual creation as well as experimentation with new techniques. Roc Majoral and Abril Ribera are based at the company’s workshop in Barcelona; here there is a team of 10 people and it is where a good part of the pieces making up the firm’s six annual collections are produced. On Formentera, where Enric Majoral normally lives, there is a creative workshop which is open only in the summer season. Majoral began to sell his pieces at the Mola market on the island in the 1970s. After years of effort, he has lately been rewarded with national and international recognition for his work. In 2004, he was named a Master Craftsman by the Government of Catalonia and in 2007 he received the National Prize for Craftwork. Two pieces from his Joies de sorra series form part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Traditional craft or expansion?

For Majoral, the firm’s national and international expansion is not incompatible with its genuinely traditional craft. “Craftsmanship and luxury are concepts linked by know-how, by your love of a job well done and by excellence in your trade,” says Sans.

For the company, the current international economic situation in no way questions the existence or role of contemporary jewellery. “The only thing that varies, perhaps, is the type of materials used from the most luxurious to the humblest design” . In fact, as a spokesperson say, “In both good  and bad economic times, there is contemporaneity in the art, fashion and jewellery sectors. It’s a spirit of transformation and transgression towards new outlooks.”

Majoral also works to order in response to requests from clients after an exclusive piece of jewellery. “It’s the sort of customer who loves excellence and wants to be involved in the creation of the piece,” explains Sans. Orders for exclusive pieces also come from clients keen to acquire unique and singular pieces designed by Majoral.

New channels

Although it is not yet one of the company’s major channels, the e-shop enables Majoral to make its products more widely known and to aid customers in their decision-making process. “Selling online isn’t easy. The e-shop accompanies the customer through the purchasing process, but in the end, the client still makes the purchase at the physical shop. Although it’s still not very active, we think the e-shop is the future if we want to have a presence on an increasingly global market,” explains Sans.

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