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Pronovias changes strategy to continue to lead sales in dreams

20 October, 2014

Pronovias. Store on Rambla Catalunya / Fotoformat

Barcelona is home to Pronovia’s first flagship store in the world. The company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and launching a clear message of change in its sales strategy.


Bridalwear company Pronovias has officially implemented its new sales strategy with the opening of the flagship store in Barcelona. The space was inaugurated in early October by the daughter of the company’s CEO, Gabriela Palatchi. With the excitement fitting for a family milestone, Palatchi, who is a product manager at Pronovias, explained that its format will be a standard for the new openings the company plans to carry out, firstly in Spain and then around the world. “The goal is to make Pronovias a unique and emblematic store in the leading cities in Spain,” she said. In the face of this challenge, the question is whether the firm’s other establishments will close. “Yes, in fact we have already starting closing them. This will be the only Pronovias store in Barcelona”.

The label’s stores are therefore being centralised, but the sales strategy goes further, seeking highly emblematic spaces in each city where the company is present. In Barcelona, for example, the new store is on Rambla Catalunya, “convenient for customers from the city,” Palatchi said. It covers 1,000 square metres and has a 40-metre storefront. This macrostore boasts 16 changing rooms and employs 25 staff on two floors. On the ground floor there is also a workshop area where the company’s seamstresses are employed. The next opening as part of this strategy will be in Seville. Pronovias has acquired the landmark “Ciudad de Londres” building in the Andalusian capital, listed as an historical and artistic heritage building and which also covers 1,000 square metres, has five floors and 11 changing rooms.

Pronovias is implementing a new investment strategy aimed at purchasing premises that improve the location of its stores, increase the sales surface area and include the new decorative concept that the Barcelona store boasts. The in-store design is the work of the interior decoration firm Lázaro Rosa-Violán, which also took part in the Bilbao, Valencia and Ciudad Real stores that were relocated a few months ago and will be responsible for designing the upcoming openings of the stores in Murcia and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Rambla v. Passeig

The new location in the Catalan capital came about after having spent many years renting the commercial premises at number 74 on the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia, where, the firm says, “there aren’t any premises big enough” to match the macrostore concept that Pronovias has begun. Also, as Gabriela Palatchi said at the press conference she held, the new location ensures that “Pronovias is closer to the people of Barcelona. For us, Barcelona and Catalonia are very important and this new location brings us closer to local customers”.

Palatchi, who was at all times attentive to the press reactions to her explanations, was very clear that the message she wanted to shore up in front of the media was the firm’s close bonds with the city. “All Pronovias designs are done exclusively in Barcelona. Our atelier collection, which follows haute couture standards and sees a dress requiring up to 300 hours of work, is fully designed and made here,” she said.

In a conversation with Palatchi was passionate about the work she does in the firm that her grandfather Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste, father of today’s CEO, founded in 1914. She joined the company in 2013 and before being a product manager says she trained for two summers in different sales points. “I started out listening to and understanding what our customers need. But I didn’t work in bridalwear at first. I began in the party-wear section and then moved on to bridalwear. Advising a bride is very complex work and our professionals do it very well. They know as soon as they see someone which Pronovias dress will suit them best. I don’t have a fashion background which is why I started from the bottom at the sales point, so I could get a good understanding of the product. Now my job involves gathering the brides’ impressions and relaying them to the design team,” explains the woman who represents the third generation of the family behind the Pronovias group.

Today the company operates in 90 countries through 163 stores and over 4,000 sales points. Parallel to the change in the new sales strategy in Spanish and European cities, Pronovias anticipates doubling its sales points in the next five years. In the short term the company says it will open flagship stores in Germany, Italy and Belgium, among others, and the label will later develop franchises in countries including Colombia, Panama, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Libya.


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