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TCN Banks on New York and Miami to Enter America

18 March, 2014

TCN F/W 2014-2015 / 080 Barcelona Fashion

The US, Central America and, in the medium term, Asia, are the markets TCN is keen to enter and retail its collections on.

Fashion firm TCN explains that 2013 was the year the company went global, a period it spent pressing the accelerator to boost its presence abroad. But it will probably be during 2014 when the firm will see the outcomes of this strong commitment to internationalisation. For the moment, its first sales office has been up and running in the US since January and it is set to open two showrooms, one in Miami and the other in New York.

Since 2012, TCN has positioned itself as an all-in-one fashion firm, in that “we now dress women for all times of the day”. With an offer that includes bath wear, casual clothing, underwear and accessories collections, TCN is moving onto the North American market with the goal of making it the springboard to Central America as well.

“We anticipate entering US department stores in the near future, and that means the bath wear, casual and underwear collections could be seen in the stores by summer 2015,” says Josep Maria Donat, joint owner of the firm along with designer Totón Comella.

The couple’s foray into America has taken the form of contracting an expert in implementation in the US, a country which is always tricky for foreign labels. “Our expert will be in charge of getting the Miami and New York showrooms off the ground. This will help us make the move into Central America later on”.

It is clear that 2014 will be a year full of challenges for the Catalan firm that operates out of Arenys de Munt, where the collections are designed and marketed. The most recently presented collection was “Mar d’Hivern” (Winter Sea), which the company revealed at Passarel·la 080 Barcelona Fashion in January and again at its annual convention that took place shortly after the show in the Catalan capital.

Next stop: Asia

As well as the US and Central America, Josep Maria Donat says the firm is also interested in getting onto Asian markets. “Boosting the Asian market is a medium-team goal. Right now our idea is to focus on the US,” he says, underscoring the order of priorities in the firm’s globalisation plan.

TCN presently targets around half of its production to foreign market sales, but Donat hopes the figure will be much higher in three years’ time.

Executing an implementation plan in the US is no easy task, which is why, Donat says, the plan was conceived primarily so the firm could move onto and consolidate a name for itself on mature markets where the ‘high-end’ concept is understood. “Wherever the luxury segment is understood is where we can be found, and that means mature markets,” he says. At the same time, Donat explains that the demands required to implement the US plan has forced them to relegate expansion into Asia to the “medium term”, because the idea for now is to “focus on the North American market”.

Large department stores are the principal distribution channel TCN is looking at. “We want to be present in the leading US department stores in the short term and that means having our collections in them by summer 2015,” Donat says.

A local showcase for the world

Along with the work abroad, TCN is also very clear about the importance and role of its stores in Spain (it has a total of nine, five of them in Barcelona) and particularly the one on Passeig de Gràcia in the Catalan capital. This is where it has had the store which for years has been an ideas hub for testing new designs with international customers who shop on this emblematic street.

However, the company is considering relocating the store to be closer to the tourist end of Passeig de Gràcia. “This street is an international showcase and our goal is to continue to be present there. But we are looking for a bigger shop, which will allow us to present our collections in their entirety. Plus we want to be closer to the city’s tourist area,” Donat explains.

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