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The Barcelona International Textile Show to celebrate its tenth anniversary

21 October, 2010

STIB again attracted a large number of clothing industry representatives, distributors, and fashion designers.

The Barcelona International Textile Show (STIB) is the only Spanish trade show which brings together representatives and agents of the world’s leading textile manufacturers. Today, all eyes are focused on modest gains in the textile and clothing industry.

According to the Centre of Information about Textile and Clothing Industry (CITYC), the first half of 2010 saw a 12.6% growth in Spanish exports of textile products – namely, raw fibers and fabrics – principally due to demand from foreign markets. CITYC studies indicate that the worldwide textile sector, particularly in developing countries, is beginning to recover following the difficult initial stages of the current financial crisis.

These numbers surely come as a breath of fresh air for the Catalan textile sector, especially given the modest but continued growth in demand for finished products. During the first semester of this year, Spanish exports of garments and household textiles have increased by 5.2%. According to experts, compared to the same period last year, these results give cause for cautious optimism.

Textile industry representatives and agents of the world’s leading manufacturers are closely monitoring the recovery in the foreign textile sector, and orders for future seasons will play an important role in determining continued growth. In this vein, the foreign textile companies participating in the Barcelona International Textile Show are satisfied with the most recent edition, which brought together 41 exhibitors–the same number as had participated in previous years–at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in late September. Additionally, the show again attracted a large number of clothing industry representatives, distributors, and fashion designers, all of whom sought to discover the newest designs in fabrics and accessories in order to produce their own collections.

Consolidating and Innovating

As the STIB prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the businesses which comprise it, like all companies in the textile industry, have had their fair share of struggles since the sector received its first blows in the 70s. Consequently, Josep Maria Fernández, the President of the STIB, declared that “past experience is a bonus” for dealing with the current financial crisis. Nevertheless, he remains committed to improving the textile fair, which since its beginnings in 2001 has hosted a wide gamut of the most important middle and high-end European and worldwide fabric manufacturers.

Held in Barcelona, this trade show is the last in the series of European textile fairs, which begin in Paris and continue in Milan, two important leaders in the fashion industry visited by both preeminent clothing labels and international textile companies. One week later, the STIB brings together more than 300 international collections each season and allows an opportunity for a large number of Catalan and Spanish firms to finalize the year’s orders. Italian couturiers represent the largest number of STIB participants, followed by French companies; these exhibitors again present the fabrics which have been displayed at major European trade fairs to the Spanish market. For the President of the STIB, who has dedicated his life to the textile industry, Barcelona’s show is quite different from the huge gatherings in Paris and Milan, and is attractive because of the “calm, relaxed service it offers its clients.”

At present, the STIB is working to increase the number of exhibitors and to again present fashion shows from top design schools in Barcelona in tandem with the fair, which, according to its President, will “better promote Spanish fashion design.” Additionally, the trade fair’s board has spent months negotiating to allow additional textile representatives to organize parallel gatherings such as the Galeria Textil. The majority of these new initiatives will be launched at the 20th edition of the fair, which will take place in September 2011.

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