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The Shopping Night Barcelona kicks off the Christmas shopping season

24 December, 2010

The Shopping Night Barcelona¿s organizing committee calculated that some 10,000 people attended the event. / Amicca

On the night of December 2nd, the same evening when Christmas decorations were lit for the first time throughout the city, Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia boulevard became the setting for the inaugural edition of The Shopping Night Barcelona. Nearly fifty stores opened their doors from eight in the evening until midnight, welcoming in the holiday spirit and helping to kick off the Christmas shopping season.

A large number of both locals and tourists were drawn to the event, seeking a novel, unprecedented experience. Fashion and gastronomy were the stars of the evening, during which shops, hotels, and Passeig de Gràcia boulevard itself became a veritable Pandora’s Box full of surprises. The event was sponsored by the Friends of Passeig de Gràcia association, the Spanish Retailers Association (Amicca), and the Barcelona City Council in collaboration with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

The Shopping Night Barcelona’s organizing committee calculated that some 10,000 people attended the event; preliminary estimates reckoned total spending during the event at some 400,000 euros. The organizers expressed pleasure with the success of this inaugural event: Lluis Sans, the President of the Friends of Passeig de Gràcia association, stated that “we, the businesses of Passeig de Gràcia, are satisfied with Shopping Night not only because of sales over the course of the evening but because it represented an important boost for the entire area which will result in short-term benefits in the form of Christmas sales.” Alfredo Martín, President of Amicca, explained that the event’s primary goal was to promote Passeig de Gràcia’s businesses in order to kick off the Christmas shopping season, and declared that “we met this goal with resounding success,” since “streets and stores were both filled throughout the evening.”

The event arrived at a critical moment in which businesses need to reinvent themselves by means of initiatives which capitalize on the most pleasant aspects of shopping in order to draw consumers into stores.

Shopping from eight until midnight

In order to draw customers through their doors, stores created a welcoming environment which included music, champagne, cocktails, and makeovers—all in all, a truly extraordinary shopping experience. Participants in the event included luxury brands like Santa Eulàlia, Loewe and Max Mara; internationally-recognized retailers like Mango and Desigual; footware manufacturers like Camper; and home design stores like Vinçon.

Hotels played a key role in the event’s success, organizing parallel activities like Hotel Majestic’s showroom of independent designers, which featured American Perez, Jan iú Més, Martin Lamothe, and many others. The participation of both hotels and stores highlighted connections between commerce and tourism and reinforced efforts to convert Barcelona into an international shopping destination.

The streets themselves also hosted parallel activities such as an exhibition of historic Harper’s Bazaar magazine covers and a sculpture of Michelangelo’s David dressed in Missiani, which was produced by the artist dEmo.

Similar initiatives like Fashion’s Night Out, which was spearheaded by Vogue magazine and the Condé Nast publishing house, have taken place in other important fashion cities like New York and London. Fashion’s Night Out was most recently held last September and featured the simultaneous participation of 16 cities across the globe.

Mimótica Micola opens her first stand-alone store

On the same evening as The Barcelona Shopping Night, Mimótica Micola opened the doors of her first stand-alone store, located at 274 Provença Street, at the corner of Provença and Rambla Catalunya. Designer Raquel Micola defines her boutique as a “bubble of femininity where nothing bad can happen.” The accessory shop recreates the freshness of youth in a 60 square meter space full of surprises, including caprices like a wall plastered over with paper dolls. One of the store’s highlights is the antique furniture carefully arranged to display shoes, boots, handbags and accessories from Mimótica Micola’s latest collection. The business, founded in 2003, currently distributes its products at 300 retail sites in 12 different countries including France, Italy, and Japan.

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