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With paper edition, Modaes gains strength in the world of fashion media

26 January, 2012

Christian de Angelis, Pilar Riaño Modaes founders and Cristina Mailan, commercial director / Modaes

In today’s difficult economic conditions, entrepreneurs must be braver and even more hard-working than ever. Yet at Modaes, these qualities seem to be seared into the company’s DNA. The firm, which was launched three years ago by two business journalists, Pilar Riaño and Christian de Angelis, started out as an online publication with five members. Now, it has begun publishing a paper edition.

Modaes started the year off so strong that it decided to publish a paper edition of its online magazine; the first edition has already hit the press. The magazine, which will be published quarterly, contains in-depth features, reports, and opinion pieces which strive to contain useful information and inspire reflection. Modaes is not about trends or seasonal collections; rather, it focuses on the business side of Spain’s world of fashion. According to the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the fashion industry includes more than forty thousand businesses in Catalonia alone. This impressive figure underscores the importance of this industry, which brings together businesses working in perfume, cosmetics, jewellery and accessories – not to mention textile design and manufacturing.

“Fashion is a very large industry which didn’t have a leading publication,” explained Riaño. The journalist, who set off on her own adventure in the business world in 2009 after more than 7 years working for Expansión, points out that the publication’s business model is still unclear. “We weren’t planning to publish a paper edition, but we discovered that our audience wanted it, which led us to take this step. Many people still need to experience the feel of paper in their hands. Additionally, the print edition of the magazine will help us gain a physical presence,” noted the journalist.

According to Cristina Mailan, Modaes’ director of business development, the company still has many other projects in the works, including a job listing board exclusively for the fashion world. Several other initiatives have already been successfully launched, including the Modaes educational centre, which provides resources and reports about the industry; the annual public opinion questionnaire, which surveys more than 300 businesses; and other consulting services. All of this premium content is available to paper edition subscribers. As Riaño noted, Modaes is expanding its portfolio of services beyond the industry itself in order to give a more prominent role to other funding sources and attempt to decrease the importance of advertisements in its business model.

Such growth would have been unimaginable three years ago. Yet when asked about the future, Riaño and the rest of her team now respond with hopeful smiles.

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