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Barcelona és moda
Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona has created the website, an initiative to group all related with what’s carrying out from different areas and therefore all the economic agents involved in order to place the fashion sector. This home offers a platform to find all the products, services and companies as well as useful information to the sector professionals. This initiative is placed in the corporate performance Plan which defines the Chamber of Barcelona as an institution that makes possible a more favourable world to the growth and the improvement of the companies’ competitiveness.

The interrelation of the economic agents of the fashion world claims the necessity to have the main tools to get this interrelation between factory owners, designers and service suppliers companies.

The website gather companies information about hairdresser’s, aesthetics, perfume shops and cosmetics, communication companies specialized in sales show-rooms, private catwalks, press agencies and events organisation, formation, and companies and services agencies guide linked to fashion.

Another important part is the information about the events and news related with fashion appeared in the media.



- Be a meeting point to the sector professionals.

- Provide an adding value to the sector in order to make possible a constant debate about the current issues and make suggestions that contribute to the sector improvement.

- Benefit the promotion of the economic and business activity of Barcelona and, indirectly, all the companies and sectors involved.

- Give an answer to the will to vitalize all the sectors related with this world, with the aim to reinforce Barcelona as a fashion regarding, with an own style and, at the same time benefit actions that promote the consumption.

- Help the interrelation to the economic agents – Joining all the business sectors and economic agents involved in the fashion world.

- Be a dynamic tool adapted to the needs and inputs of the sector.


What can we find?

1. Information about the fashion world agents, with the will to be useful to the businessman, professionals and consumers, in a national and international level: a reference point and an access door to theBarcelonafashion.

2. The last news of the main acts and events related with fashion: fairs, catwalks, showrooms, marks presentations, shops, etc.

3. The agenda with all the national and international events related with fashion.

4. A database with the main companies of the fashion world.

5. Important information to the fashion world.

Do you want to be part of Barcelona es moda’s business directory?

Barcelona es moda’s business directory is a networking space between manufacturers, designers and companies of fashion services.

If you want to be part, please, fill in this form or write to

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce manages this service and it’s free of charge for companies.